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Jun 27, 7:57 PM EDT

Quotes about verdict in Blagojevich retrial

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CHICAGO (AP) -- Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted on 17 of 20 corruption charges Monday in his retrial in federal court. Here are some notable quotes following the verdict:


"What happened?"

- Blagojevich to defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky after finding out he was found guilty on 17 of 20 corruption charges.


"Patti and I obviously are very disappointed in the outcome. I frankly am stunned. There's not much left to say other than we want to get home to our little girls and talk to them and explain things to them and then try to sort things out."

- Blagojevich to reporters after the verdicts.


"The vindication is for the people of Illinois."

- U.S. District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.


"He was personable. It made it hard to separate that from what we actually had to do as jurors."

-Juror 103, a woman who is a restaurant bartender. Jurors who spoke with the media identified themselves only by number; their names are set to be released Tuesday.


"This is my mission to reform our government so we do not have governors going to jail."

-Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn


"The problem was with some of his explanations. It reminded me of a little kid who gets his hand caught in a cookie jar. He says, `Mommy I wasn't taking the cookies. I was just trying to protect them and to count them.'"

- Richard Kling, professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law who watched much of the trial, on Blagojevich's testimony.


"I didn't think he was capable of being so dishonest. The way he talked on the tape, I was very disappointed. To think he was the head of our government and acted the way he did, I was very let down."

-Cindy Kennedy owner of a consignment shop in Metropolis, Ill.


"Today's verdict is a stark reminder that no one is above the law. This decision is the culmination of a tumultuous two and a half years for the people of Illinois and Rod Blagojevich must now face the consequences of his corrupt actions."

-Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois.


"After all is said and done, it came down to his testimony. Did you believe him or didn't you believe him? They didn't believe him."

- Paul Green, a political scientist at Roosevelt University in Chicago.


"I think it sends a message. We know that there's a lot of bargaining that goes on behind the scenes, we do that in our everyday lives... but I think in this instance, when it's someone representing the people, it crosses the line."

-Juror No. 146, the forewoman of the panel, who is a who is a retired director of music and liturgy at a church.


"It's often said that our U.S. justice system is slow but true and while this was a little bit slower than we might have liked we are certainly gratified with the verdict that came out today. A famous artist once said that lady justice is blind but she has very sophisticated listening devices and that was certainly the case in this matter."

-Robert Grant, head of the FBI's Chicago office.

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